Working with providers and healthcare systems experiencing compassion fatigue and burnout

Angela Lamson, Patrick Meadors, Tai Mendenhall

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Over the last two decades, there has been a marked increase in the number of researchers who have focused on the operational definitions and prevalence of terms related to personal and professional trauma (e.g., Abendroth & Flannery, 2006; Brosche, 2003; Collins & Long, 2003; Figley, 2013; Lynch & Lobo, 2012; Maytum, Heiman, & Garwick, 2004; Meadors & Lamson, 2008; Meadors, Lamson, & Sira, 2010; Meadors, Lamson, Swanson, White, & Sira, 2009; Morse, Salyers, Rollins, Monroe-DeVita, & Pfahler, 2012; Paris & Hoge, 2010; Pfifferling & Gilley, 2000; Sabo, 2006; Schwam, 1998). With this increased volume of research, there has also been an increase in conceptual ambiguity in terms such as compassion fatigue and burnout.

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StatePublished - Dec 1 2014

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