Underlying Mechanisms and Treatment of Hypertension in Glomerular Diseases

Sahar H. Koubar, Alejandro Garcia-Rivera, Muner M.B. Mohamed, John E. Hall, Michael E. Hall, Mohamed Hassanein

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Purpose of Review: This review aims to explore the underlying mechanisms that lead to hypertension in glomerular diseases and the advancements in treatment strategies and to provide clinicians with valuable insights into the pathophysiological mechanisms and evidence-based therapeutic approaches for managing hypertension in patients with glomerular diseases. Recent Findings: In recent years, there have been remarkable advancements in our understanding of the immune and non-immune mechanisms that are involved in the pathogenesis of hypertension in glomerular diseases. Furthermore, this review will encompass the latest data on management strategies, including RAAS inhibition, endothelin receptor blockers, SGLT2 inhibitors, and immune-based therapies. Summary: Hypertension (HTN) and cardiovascular diseases are leading causes of mortality in glomerular diseases. The latter are intricately related with hypertension and share common pathophysiological mechanisms. Hypertension in glomerular disease represents a complex and multifaceted interplay between kidney dysfunction, immune-mediated, and non-immune-mediated pathology. Understanding the complex mechanisms involved in this relationship has evolved significantly over the years, shedding light on the pathophysiological processes underlying the development and progression of glomerular disease-associated HTN, and is crucial for developing effective therapeutic strategies and improving patients’ outcomes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)119-130
Number of pages12
JournalCurrent Hypertension Reports
Issue number3
StatePublished - Nov 2023

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  • Autoimmune
  • Glomerular diseases
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Hypertension
  • Immunosuppressive medications
  • Proteinuria


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