Treatment and management of youths who have perpetrated sexual harm

Michael H Miner, Nicholas P. Newstrom

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In 1993, a task force met under the auspices of the National Adolescent Perpetrator Network to develop a consensus of the “state of the art” in providing comprehensive systemic responses to juvenile perpetration of sexual crimes. This task force acknowledged that there was insufficient empirical research to guide many of their assumptions and recommendations and that they were, for the most part, relying on clinical experience. Out of the over 300 assumptions put forth in their report, three have had a profound impact on treatment, management, and research with youth who have perpetrated sexual harm. These are: (1) juvenile sex offenders are a unique class of juvenile delinquent; (2) that they require specialized, intensive, offense specific intervention in order to desist from future sexually harmful behavior; and (3) treatment of sexually abusive youth requires nontraditional techniques and may run counter to original professional training (National Adolescent Perpetrator Network, 1993). These three assumptions have influenced the development of treatment programs, have led to the application of sex offender registration, community notification, residency restrictions, and civil commitment to youth who have committed sexual harm, have served as a barrier to the application of knowledge from juvenile delinquency research to youth who have committed sexual harm, and have isolated research on these youth from research on youth development, delinquency, and other problematic behavior. In this chapter, we will discuss current practices with adolescents who have caused sexual harm. Our exploration will be guided, in part, by how the above assumptions and others from the 1993 task force have influenced treatment, application of civil sanctions, and the development of risk assessment methodologies.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2018

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