Harvey Charles, Penelope Pynes

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Higher education is in the midst of a profound transition that is impacting practically all dimensions of the academy. This chapter examines the role of the senior international officers (SIOs) through the lens of entrepreneurship. It explores the following axioms: entrepreneurship requires willingness to take risks; the entrepreneurial mind-set can be honed; entrepreneurship can begin at home; and caveats for the SIO entrepreneur. Resourceful SIOs are constantly looking for new approaches to internationalization and projects that will contribute to the overall profile of their institution. Entrepreneurial SIOs, however, recognize that for every new initiative they consider, they must find possibly two or more streams of revenue to assure funding. Opportunities to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors may actually be found right within the own operations. It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. Being entrepreneurial is therefore part of the landscape of leading internationalization, and this must be understood when accepting the role of SIO.

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