The Persistence of Transgender Travel Narratives

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The text above sits on the front page of an English language website called Created by Los Angeles-based trans woman Andrea James, TS Roadmap offers free advice, information and resources for transsexual women who are “on the road” to gender transition. Thorough, sensible and clear, the site details every aspect of gender transition for trans women, from book lists to information about standards of therapeutic care, physical and mental transformation, legal issues, sexuality and more. Of course, the process may differ for each individual: “Because of all the variables in transition, " James continues: your journey will be unlike anyone else’s. Some people want to get to their destination in a big hurry on the fastest route they can find, even if it’s not the safest and is a steeper climb. Others want a slow, smooth road they can take cautiously. I’ve tried to discuss as many of these roads as possible. There is no right way or proper path, either. Everyone has a different destination, different timetable, different resources available to get there.

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Title of host publicationTransgender Migrations
Subtitle of host publicationThe Bodies, Borders, and Politics of Transition
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2012
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