The Need for Survivorship Care in Genitourinary Cancers: Considerations from SUO and LUGPA

Society of Urologic Oncology, Large Urology Group Practice Association

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Introduction: A quarter of American cancer survivors have genitourinary malignancies that are largely managed by urologists. We explored urologist perceptions about survivorship care for genitourinary malignancies. Methods: A total of 701 SUO (Society of Urologic Oncology) and 1,746 LUGPA (Large Urology Group Practice Association) members were invited to complete a web based survey composed of 5 domains, including 1) demographics, 2) current survivorship care practices, 3) perceived barriers, 4) accessibility to survivorship resources and 5) perceptions of advocacy groups. Results: Of 191 respondents 137 (72%) had no training in survivorship care. Of the 174 respondents 129 (74%) practiced shared care models while 45 (26%) preferred pure specialized followup care. Only 39 of 129 respondents (30%) with a shared care model always provided a written care plan. These plans infrequently included information on lifestyle modifications and educational resources. Routine patient referral to advocacy organizations was highest for prostate cancer at 40% followed by bladder, testicular and kidney cancers at 17%, 10% and 8%, respectively. Lack of time/resources and practice guidelines were considered the 2 most important barriers to survivorship care by 31% and 30% of participants, respectively. Web based information on advocacy groups and best practice guidelines were selected as the most important initiatives to promote survivorship care. Conclusions: Despite the low response rate this study highlights important practice gaps in survivorship care for patients with genitourinary malignancies. In collaboration with advocacy organizations professional societies should initiate programs to better educate and train their members in survivorship care guidelines and consensus best practices.

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JournalUrology Practice
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