The IPUMS-International partnership enhances the value of census microdata for both producers and users

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The IPUMS-International partnership is led by the University of Minnesota Population Center in consortium, at present, with 101 official statistical agencies that have endorsed uniform protocols for world-wide access to microdata free-of-cost ( In 2014, the partnership is celebrating its fifteenth year with the launch of 259 integrated, confidentialized samples representing 79 countries (82% of the worlds population) and totaling 561,622,889 person records. More than 9,000 researchers have made over 50,000 extracts from the IPUMS-International database and published nearly a thousand papers, reports, dissertations and books using the microdata. Research output will continue to grow as 2010 round census samples and other types of microdata (surveys on demography, health, labor force, etc.) are integrated into the IPUMS dissemination system. Through the IPUMS partnership the value of census microdata is enhanced for both producers (official statisticians) and users (researchers and policy makers) in three important ways: 1) Dissemination: one portal with a single set of rules and internet browser tools provides access to microdata for all researchers, regardless of country of residence; 2) Security: privacy and confidentiality are protected by rigorous technical, administrative and legal protocols; and 3) Usefulness: both metadata and microdata are integrated to preserve the definitions and concepts in each census to facilitate good use.
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StatePublished - 2014


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