The game theoretic p-Laplacian and semi-supervised learning with few labels

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We study the game theoretic p-Laplacian for semi-supervised learning on graphs, and show that it is well-posed in the limit of finite labeled data and infinite unlabeled data. In particular, we show that the continuum limit of graph-based semi-supervised learning with the game theoretic p-Laplacian is a weighted version of the continuous p-Laplace equation. We also prove that solutions to the graph p-Laplace equation are approximately Hölder continuous with high probability. Our proof uses the viscosity solution machinery and the maximum principle on a graph.

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StatePublished - Jan 2019

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  • consistency
  • continuum limit
  • game theoretic p-Laplacian
  • maximum principle
  • probability
  • semi-supervised learning
  • viscosity solutions


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