The Future of Neurocritical Care Research: Proceedings and Recommendations from the Fifth Neurocritical Care Research Network Conference

the attendees of the 5th Neurocritical Care Research Network Conference

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The Fifth Neurocritical Care Research Network (NCRN) Conference held in Boca Raton, Florida, in September of 2018 was devoted to challenging the current status quo and examining the role of the Neurocritical Care Society (NCS) in driving the science and research of neurocritical care. The aim of this in-person meeting was to set the agenda for the NCS’s Neurocritical Care Research Central, which is the overall research arm of the society. Prior to the meeting, all 103 participants received educational content (book and seminar) on the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy®,’ a concept from the business world which aims to identify undiscovered and uncontested market space, and to brainstorm innovative ideas and methods with which to address current challenges in neurocritical care research. Three five-member working groups met at least four times by teleconference prior to the in-person meeting to prepare answers to a set of questions using the Blue Ocean Strategy concept as a platform. At the Fifth NCRN Conference, these groups presented to a five-member jury and all attendees for open discussion. The jury then developed a set of recommendations for NCS to consider in order to move neurocritical care research forward. We have summarized the topics discussed at the conference and put forward recommendations for the future direction of the NCRN and neurocritical care research in general.

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In September of 2018, the Fifth Neurocritical Care Research Network (NCRN) Conference was held in Boca Raton, FL, immediately preceding the 16th annual Neurocritical Care Society (NCS) meeting. The conference was titled ‘The Future of Neurocritical Care Research: Looking for a Blue Ocean.’ The purpose of the conference was to reimagine and reengineer neurocritical care research in a forward-thinking manner, anticipating future directions and opportunities in the context of relatively limited success to date in identifying high-impact evidence-based interventions for many neurocritical care conditions from large randomized clinical trials performed over the last decade. This was an intentionally interdisciplinary scientific symposium that brought together scientists and healthcare professionals from diverse fields with an additional focus on how NCS and its overall research arm, the Neurocritical Care Research Central (NCRC), could contribute to advances in neurocritical care research. Of 113 attendees, 40% were women, 39% were members of minority groups, and 28% were junior NCS members. Attendees came from all parts of the world (Supplementary Table 1). The conference was funded by a generous unrestricted gift from the CHI Baylor St Luke’s Medical Center in Houston, TX.

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