The characteristics and risk factors for HIV infection among Beijing drug users in different settings

Haibo Wang, Guiying Li, Katherine Brown, Kumi Smith, Xia Jin, Ruiling Dong, Ning Wang

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Background: Treatment for drug addiction in China can take place in mandatory detoxification centers (MDC), voluntary detoxification centers (VDC), or at outreach programs located in the community. To date little is known about HIV prevalence or associated risk factors among the current and past drug users (DU) in each setting. Methods: Cross-sectional surveys were conducted at three different settings in Beijing, China; 795 subjects were enrolled at MDC, 824 at VDC, and 520 within the community. Subjects who provided informed consent took part in face-to-face interviews and provided blood samples for HIV and syphilis testing. Results: Significant differences were found across enrollment sites in terms of demographic, drug use and sexual behavior characteristics. Overall HIV sero-prevalence was 2.9%, and was particularly high in MDC (5.2% versus 1.0% in VDC and 2.3% among community drug users). Adjusted odds ratios (OR) for HIV infection were 50.5 (95% CI: 19.07-133.85) for being of Yi ethnicity, 29.4 (95% CI: 15.10-57.24) for Uyghur ethnicity, 3.4 (95% CI: 1.57-7.52) for injection drug users who did not share equipment, and 18.8 (95% CI: 8.31-42.75) among injection drug users who shared injection equipment. Conclusions: The vast differences among DU in various enrollment sites in terms of demographic characteristics, socioeconomic status, and HIV related risk profiles underscore the importance of familiarity with population characteristics and drug user environment to better inform targeted prevention programs. Prevention programs targeting DU in Chinese settings must also consider differences in ethnicities, culture, and residential status.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)37-45
Number of pages9
JournalDrug and alcohol dependence
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 1 2011
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  • China
  • Detoxification centers
  • Drug use
  • HIV


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