The active papillary muscle sign in 18F-FDG PET/CT cardiac sarcoidosis exams and its relationship with myocardial suppression

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Objective: Papillary muscle (PM) activity may demonstrate true active cardiac sarcoidosis (CS) or mimic CS in 18FDG-PET/CT if adequate myocardial suppression (MS) is not achieved. We aim to examine whether PM uptake can be used as a marker of failed MS and measure the rate of PM activity presence in active CS with different dietary preparations. Materials and methods: We retrospectively reviewed PET/CTs obtained with three different dietary preparations. Diet-A: 24-h ketogenic diet with overnight fasting (n = 94); Diet-B: 18-h fasting (n = 44); and Diet-C: 72-h daytime ketogenic diet with 3-day overnight fasting (n = 98). Each case was evaluated regarding CS diagnosis (negative, positive, and indeterminant) and presence of PM activity. MaxSUV was measured from bloodpool, liver, and the most suppressed normal myocardium. Linear mixed-effects models were used to compare these factors between those with PM activity and those without. Results: PM activity was markedly lower in the Diet-C group compared with others: Diet-C: 6 (6.1%), Diet-A: 36 (38.3%), and Diet-B: 26 (59.1%) (p < 0.001). MyocardiumMaxSUV was higher, and MyocardiummaxSUV/BloodpoolmaxSUV, MyocardiummaxSUV/LivermaxSUV ratios were significantly higher in the cases with PM activity (p < 0.001). Among cases that used Diet-C and had PM activity, 66.7% were positive and 16.7% were indeterminate. If Diet-A or Diet-B was used, those with PM activity had a higher proportion of indeterminate cases (Diet-A: 61.1%, Diet-B: 61.5%) than positive cases (Diet-A: 36.1%, Diet-B: 38.5%). Conclusion: Lack of PM activity can be a sign of appropriate MS. PM activity is less common with a specific dietary preparation (72-h daytime ketogenic diet with 3-day overnight fasting), and if it is present with this particular preparation, the likelihood that the case being true active CS might be higher than the other traditional dietary preparations.

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JournalAnnals of Nuclear Medicine
StatePublished - Mar 2024

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