Texture evolution via combined slip and deformation twinning in rolled silver-copper cast eutectic nanocomposite

Irene J. Beyerlein, Nathan A. Mara, Dhriti Bhattacharyya, David J. Alexander, Carl T. Necker

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In this work, a silver-copper (Ag-Cu) nanocomposite with 200 nm bilayer thickness and eutectic composition was rolled at room temperature and 200 °C to nominal reductions of 75% and higher. Initially the material had a random texture and {1 1 1} bi-metal interface plane. X-ray diffraction measurements show that the Ag and Cu phases developed the same brass-type (or 'alloy-type') rolling texture regardless of rolling reduction and temperature. Transmission electron microscopy analyses of the nanostructures before and after rolling suggest that adjoining Ag and Cu layers maintained a cube-on-cube relationship but the interface plane changed after rolling. Polycrystal plasticity simulations accounting for plastic slip and deformation twinning in each phase were carried out to explore many possible causes for the brass-type texture development: twinning via a volume effect or barrier effect, Shockley partial slip, and confined layer slip. The results suggest that the observed texture evolution may be due to profuse twinning within both phases. Maintaining the cube-on-cube relationship would then imply that neighboring Ag and Cu crystals twinned by the same variant and on a twin plane non-parallel to the original interface plane. Explanations for this unusual possibility for Cu are provided at the end based on the properties of the Ag-Cu interface.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)121-146
Number of pages26
JournalInternational Journal of Plasticity
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2011
Externally publishedYes

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Funding Information:
This research was supported as part of the Center for Materials at Irradiation and Mechanical Extremes, an Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences under Award Number 2008LANL1026.


  • Multilayer
  • Nanocomposite
  • Silver-copper
  • Texture
  • Twinning


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