Systematic Review of Interventions for Depression for People Living with HIV in Africa

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Depression interventions for individuals with HIV/AIDS in Africa are being increasingly evaluated. MEDLINE was searched using key terms: depression, Africa, and HIV, to identify depression interventions for HIV-infected adults in Africa. Perinatal women were excluded. Results were extracted and relative change in depression scores for interventions and net effect calculated. The MEDLINE search yielded 18 articles. Six of seven studies evaluating feasibility were positive, and seven of seven studies evaluating acceptability were also positive. Three studies investigated the effect of psychotherapy (% relative decrease of depressive symptoms for intervention: %net decrease compared to controls) (73%:39% decrease). Four studies investigated task-shifting of psychotherapy (47%:34% decrease). Three studies evaluated antidepressants (79%:39% decrease). Three studies investigated task-shifting of antidepressant treatment (82%:65% decrease). An exercise intervention was evaluated (66%:49% decrease). One trial investigated minocycline with non-statistically significant results. Finally, three studies investigated other psychosocial interventions (44%:21% decrease). Overall, the results highlight the need for large, randomized trials to establish efficacy as well as implementation studies.

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JournalAIDS and Behavior
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2018

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