Syntheses of PDE3A inhibitor ORG9935 and determination of the absolute stereochemistries of its enantiomers by X-ray crystallography

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Two synthetic methods were developed for the synthesis of PDE3A inhibitor ORG9935. The first one proceeds in six steps and 34% overall yield and the second one in five steps and an overall yield of 69% starting from commercially available starting material 5,6-dimethoxybenzo[b]thiophene-2-carboxylic acid (6). The enantiomers of ORG9935 were separated by chiral column chromatography and the absolute stereochemistry of the (+)-enantiomer, ORG20865 was determined by X-ray crystallography to possess the (S)-configuration. The (−)-enantiomer, ORG20864, was therefore assigned the (R)-stereochemistry. The biologically less active (+)-isomer ORG20865 was converted to racemic ORG9935 under basic conditions, which then can be separated again into the enantiomers. The crystal structure of ORG20865 is notable for having the highest Z′ for any known pharmaceutical substance.

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StatePublished - May 31 2018



  • Enantiomer separation
  • Female contraception
  • ORG9935
  • PDE3A inhibitor
  • Structure determination
  • Synthesis

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