Syntheses and X-ray crystal structures of zinc complexes with an amido-diamine ligand

Bing Luo, Benjamin E. Kucera, Wayne L. Gladfelter

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The synthesis and characterization of complexes with a tridentate amido-diamine ligand -N(CH2CH2NMe2) 2, [ClZnN(CH2CH2NMe2) 2]2 (1), [EtZnN(CH2CH2NMe 2)2]2 (2), {Zn[N(CH2CH 2NMe2)2]2}2 (3) and [iBu2NZnN(CH2CH2NMe 2)2]2 (4), are described. Compounds 1 (57% yield) and 2 (49% yield) were obtained from the reactions of ZnCl2 with 1 equiv. of LiN(CH2CH2NMe2)2 and ZnEt2 with excess HN(CH2CH2NMe 2)2, respectively. Compounds 3 (52% yield) and 4 (75% yield) were isolated from the reactions of [Zn(NiBu2) 2]2 with HN(CH2CH2NMe 2)2 in 1:4 and 1:2 molar ratios, respectively. Mass spectral data and NMR analyses suggested that all four compounds were dimeric. The solid-state structures of compounds 2 and 3 were determined via X-ray crystallography. Both compounds were centrosymmetric containing a four-membered Zn2N2 ring with bridging amido ligands. In both structures, one NMe2 group in each bridging ligand bonded to a Zn center forming a five-membered ring. The ethyl groups in 2 and the second -N(CH2CH2NMe2)2 ligand in 3 occupied the terminal positions.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)279-285
Number of pages7
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jan 23 2006

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We thank the National Science Foundation for the financial support through a Grant CHE-03159540.


  • Amide
  • Amido
  • Dimer
  • Structure
  • Tridentate
  • Zinc


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