Supporting formative peer review of clinical teaching through a focus on process

Jean Y Moon, Anne M. Schullo-Feulner, Claire Kolar, Gardner Lepp, Shannon Reidt, Megan R Undeberg, Kristin K Janke

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Background: The professional need for development of clinical faculty is clear. Previous scholarship provides insight into the formative potential of peer review in both didactic and experiential settings. Less information exists on a comprehensive peer review process (PRP) designed to support faculty change. Educational activity and setting: A clinical faculty PRP was developed and implemented based on input from the literature, stakeholders, and field experts. The process included: 1) self-reflective pre-work, 2) a peer-observation component, 3) self-reflective post-work, and 4) creation of a specific action plan via meeting with an educational expert. The process was assessed by collecting evaluative data from peer reviewer and clinical faculty participants. Findings: Eight of 26 faculty members participated in a pilot of the PRP and formed four clinical faculty-peer dyads. When surveyed, all participants unanimously reported that they would participate in the PRP again. Aspects perceived among most helpful to clinical teaching included peer observation, self-reflection, and meeting with an educational expert. Challenges related to the process included anxiety of peer observation, burden of pre-work, and logistics of scheduling meetings. Discussion: While instruments are important in guiding and documenting the evaluation of clinical teaching during an observation period, this initiative focused on the process supporting the observation and evaluation, in order to optimize the formative feedback received by participating faculty and encourage professional development actions. A PRP that incorporates preparation, reflective practice, and a meeting with an educational expert may support meaningful faculty development in the area of clinical teaching.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)771-778
Number of pages8
JournalCurrents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 2018

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  • Clinical teaching
  • Faculty development
  • Peer review
  • Professional development
  • Reflective practice


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