Supersymmetry relics in one-flavor qcd from a new [formula presented] expansion

A. Armoni, M. Shifman, G. Veneziano

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We suggest a new large-[Formula presented] limit for multiflavor QCD. Since fundamental and two-index antisymmetric representations are equivalent in SU(3), we have the option to define [Formula presented] QCD keeping quarks in the latter. We can then define a new [Formula presented] expansion (at a fixed number of flavors [Formula presented]) that shares appealing properties with the topological (fixed [Formula presented]) expansion while being more suitable for theoretical analysis. In particular, for [Formula presented], our large-[Formula presented] limit gives a theory that we recently proved to be equivalent, in the bosonic sector, to [Formula presented] supersymmetric gluodynamics. Using known properties of the latter, we derive several qualitative and semiquantitative predictions for [Formula presented] massless QCD that can be easily tested in lattice simulations. Finally, we comment on possible applications for pure SU(3) Yang-Mills theory and real QCD.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number19
StatePublished - 2003


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