Supersymmetry in light of 1/fb of LHC data

O. Buchmueller, R. Cavanaugh, A. de Roeck, M. J. Dolan, J. R. Ellis, H. Flächer, S. Heinemeyer, G. Isidori, D. Martínez Santos, K. A. Olive, S. Rogerson, F. J. Ronga, G. Weiglein

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We update previous frequentist analyses of the CMSSM and NUHM1 parameter spaces to include the public results of searches for supersymmetric signals using ~1/fb of LHC data recorded by ATLAS and CMS and ~0.3/fb of data recorded by LHCb in addition to electroweak precision and B-physics observables. We also include the constraints imposed by the cosmological dark matter density and the XENON100 search for spin-independent dark matter scattering. The LHC data set includes ATLAS and CMS searches for jets + ET events and for the heavier MSSM Higgs bosons, and the upper limits on BR(Bs → μ+μ-) from LHCb and CMS. The absences of jets + ET signals in the LHC data favour heavier mass spectra than in our previous analyses of the CMSSM and NUHM1, which may be reconciled with (g -2)μ if tanβ ~ 40, a possibility that is, however, under pressure from heavy Higgs searches and the upper limits on BR(Bs →μ+μ-). As a result, the p-value for the CMSSM fit is reduced to ~15(38)%, and that for the NUHM1 to ~16(38)%, to be compared with ~9(49)% for the Standard Model limit of the CMSSM for the same set of observables (dropping (g -2)μ), ignoring the dark matter relic density. We discuss the sensitivities of the fits to the (g -2)μ and BR(b → sγ) constraints, contrasting fits with and without the (g -2)μ constraint, and combining the theoretical and experimental errors for BR(b →sγ) linearly or in quadrature. We present predictions for mg, BR(Bs →μ+μ-), Mh and MA, and update predictions for spin-independent dark matter scattering, incorporating the uncertainty in the π-nucleon σ term ΣπN. Finally, we present predictions based on our fits for the likely thresholds for sparticle pair production in e+e- collisions in the CMSSM and NUHM1.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number1878
Pages (from-to)1-20
Number of pages20
JournalEuropean Physical Journal C
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2012


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