Stylistics and the testing of literary hypotheses

Donald Ross

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Issue number4
StatePublished - 1978

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A theory in almost any other field of inquiry ,s a carefully phrased generaliza-lion which arises from the testing of a related group of hypotheses about specific phenomena. The testing reveals "a system of uniformities that can b<. expresset~ ~:~ the form of empirical laws. Theories then seek to explain those regularities and, generally, to afford a deeper and more accurate understanding of the phenomena in question" (Hempel 1966: 70). No obvious reason exists for literary studies to avoid * This research was supported by ~ants from the Graduate School and Computer Center of the University of Minnesota. The keypunched texts of Keats were pi'epared by Robert Dilligan, University of Southern California, of Coleridge by Joseph Raben, Queens College CUNY, and of the Elizabethan sonnets by Herbert Donow, Southern Illinois University. The EYEBALL computer program, written in FORTRAN, is available with full documentation from the author.

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