Study of decay dynamics and CP asymmetry in D+ → KL0 e+νe decay

M. Ablikim, M. N. Achasov, X. C. Ai, O. Albayrak, M. Albrecht, D. J. Ambrose, A. Amoroso, F. F. An, Q. An, J. Z. Bai, R. Baldini Ferroli, Y. Ban, D. W. Bennett, J. V. Bennett, M. Bertani, D. Bettoni, J. M. Bian, F. Bianchi, E. Boger, I. BoykoR. A. Briere, H. Cai, X. Cai, O. Cakir, A. Calcaterra, G. F. Cao, S. A. Cetin, J. F. Chang, G. Chelkov, G. Chen, H. S. Chen, H. Y. Chen, J. C. Chen, M. L. Chen, S. Chen, S. J. Chen, X. Chen, X. R. Chen, Y. B. Chen, H. P. Cheng, X. K. Chu, G. Cibinetto, H. L. Dai, J. P. Dai, A. Dbeyssi, D. Dedovich, Z. Y. Deng, A. Denig, H. Muramatsu, R. Poling, (BESIII Collaboration)

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Using 2.92 fb-1 of electron-positron annihilation data collected at s=3.773 GeV with the BESIII detector, we obtain the first measurements of the absolute branching fraction B(D+→KL0e+νe)=(4.481±0.027(stat)±0.103(sys))% and the CP asymmetry ACPD+→KL0e+νe=(-0.59±0.60(stat)±1.48(sys))%. From the D+→KL0e+νe differential decay rate distribution, the product of the hadronic form factor and the magnitude of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix element, f+K(0)|Vcs|, is determined to be 0.728±0.006(stat)±0.011(sys). Using |Vcs| from the SM constrained fit with the measured f+K(0)|Vcs|, f+K(0)=0.748±0.007(stat)±0.012(sys) is obtained, and utilizing the unquenched Lattice QCD (LQCD) calculation for f+K(0), |Vcs|=0.975±0.008(stat)±0.015(sys)±0.025(LQCD).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number112008
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Issue number11
StatePublished - Dec 29 2015

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