Structural analysis of unbonded concrete overlays under wheel and environmental loads

Lev Khazanovich, Anastasios M. Ioannides

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Treating an overlaid concrete pavement system as a multilayered Kirchhoff plate has the unacceptable feature of assuming the equality of the deflection profiles of slab and overlay. In this study, a formulation proposed by Totsky is implemented into an existing finite-element program to account for the effects of layer separation and compressibility on unbonded concrete overlays. The effects of combined traffic loading and temperature differentials on the stresses and deflections in the pavement system when the overlay curls away from the existing slab are examined. The product is a finite-element code, abbreviated ILSL2, which represents an extension of the ILLI-SLAB program. Practical illustrative examples of the use of ILSL-2 pertaining to typical pavements are presented. It was found that both layer of compressibility and separation effects need to be accommodated in a reliable mechanistic model for unbonded concrete overlays.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)174-181
Number of pages8
JournalTransportation Research Record
Issue number1449
StatePublished - Dec 1 1994

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