Strengthening multi-sectoral collaboration on critical health issues: One Health Systems Mapping and Analysis Resource Toolkit (OH-SMART) for operationalizing One Health

Heidi M. Vesterinen, Tracey V. Dutcher, Kaylee M. Errecaborde, Michael W. Mahero, Katelyn W. Macy, Ong Orn Prasarnphanich, Heidi Kassenborg, Erinaldi Yulizar, Rama P. Fauzi, Nyoman S. Budayanti, Agus Suwandono, Wayan T. Artama, Linda Valeri, Katharine M. Pelican

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Addressing critical global health issues, such as antimicrobial resistance, infectious disease outbreaks, and natural disasters, requires strong coordination and management across sectors. The One Health approach is the integrative effort of multiple sectors working to attain optimal health for people, animals, and the environment, and is increasingly recognized by experts as a means to address complex challenges. However, practical application of the One Health approach has been challenging. The One Health Systems Mapping and Analysis Resource Toolkit (OH-SMART) introduced in this paper was designed using a multistage prototyping process to support systematic improvement in multi-sectoral coordination and collaboration to better address complex health concerns through an operational, stepwise, and practical One Health approach. To date, OH-SMART has been used to strengthen One Health systems in 17 countries and has been deployed to revise emergency response frameworks, improve antimicrobial resistance national action plans and create multi agency infectious disease collaboration protocols. OH-SMART has proven to be user friendly, robust, and capable of fostering multi-sectoral collaboration and complex system-wide problem solving.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere0219197
JournalPloS one
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 1 2019

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This work was supported by a University of Minnesota Center for Animal Health and Food Safety One Health seed grant (No grant number available, PI: Jean Kamanzi and Joe Annelli, Katey Pelican team member, https://www.cahfs.umn. edu/), by two United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service cooperative agreements (Grant numbers 16-9794-2530-CA and 14-9794-2248-CA. PI: Katharine Pelican, aphis/ourfocus/animalhealth/sa_one_health), by two U.S. Department of State grants (Grant Numbers: S-LMAQM-15-GR-1143 and S-LMAQM-17-CA-2067, PI: Katharine Pelican, https://www., by two United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agriculture Service grants (Grant numbers TA-CR-14-064 and TA-CR-16-014, PI: Katharine Pelican, and by a US Agency for International Development grant (Grant number AID-OAA-A-15-00014. PI: Katharine Pelican,, and by financial support from The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to conduct antimicrobial resistance related OH-SMART workshops. Under the cooperative agreements, this tool has been jointly developed and implemented with the United States Department of Agriculture. We would like to thank the important contributions of colleagues from UMN, USDA and the Stone Mountain meeting working groups. These include: Jeein Chung, Joe Annelli, Jane Rooney, Jean Kamanzi, Carol Rubin, Craig Stephen and Barry Stemshorn. This work has been supported by many funders including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) One Health Workforce Project, the United States Department of State Lower Mekong Initiative, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service and Bio-engagement programs. We would also like to thank Dr. Wiku Adisasmito and our colleagues at the Indonesia One Health University Network for identifying and supporting the Indonesia OH-SMART master facilitator team.

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Copyright: This is an open access article, free of all copyright, and may be freely reproduced, distributed, transmitted, modified, built upon, or otherwise used by anyone for any lawful purpose. The work is made available under the Creative Commons CC0 public domain dedication.


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