SpykProps: an imaging pipeline to quantify architecture in unilateral grass inflorescences

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Background: Inflorescence properties such length, spikelet number, and their spatial distribution across the rachis, are fundamental indicators of seed productivity in grasses and have been a target of selection throughout domestication and crop improvement. However, quantifying such complex morphology is laborious, time-consuming, and commonly limited to human-perceived traits. These limitations can be exacerbated by unfavorable trait correlations between inflorescence architecture and seed yield that can be unconsciously selected for. Computer vision offers an alternative to conventional phenotyping, enabling higher throughput and reducing subjectivity. These approaches provide valuable insights into the determinants of seed yield, and thus, aid breeding decisions. Results: Here, we described SpykProps, an inexpensive Python-based imaging system to quantify morphological properties in unilateral inflorescences, that was developed and tested on images of perennial grass (Lolium perenne L.) spikes. SpykProps is able to rapidly and accurately identify spikes (RMSE < 1), estimate their length (R2 = 0.96), and number of spikelets (R2 = 0.61). It also quantifies color and shape from hundreds of interacting descriptors that are accurate predictors of architectural and agronomic traits such as seed yield potential (R2 = 0.94), rachis weight (R2 = 0.83), and seed shattering (R2 = 0.85). Conclusions: SpykProps is an open-source platform to characterize inflorescence architecture in a wide range of grasses. This imaging tool generates conventional and latent traits that can be used to better characterize developmental and agronomic traits associated with inflorescence architecture, and has applications in fields that include breeding, physiology, evolution, and development biology.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number125
JournalPlant Methods
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 2023

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  • High-throughput phenotyping
  • Image analysis
  • Inflorescence architecture
  • Latent phenotypes
  • Machine learning

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