Social psychological aspects of achievement

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Understanding the social psychological predictors of attainment was a major preoccupation of status attainment research in the late sixties and seventies. Sociologists examined the social and behavioral antecedents of achievement aspirations, such as family socio-economic background, significant others’ influence and academic performance, as well as the consequences of these attitudes for attainments (Sewell, et al, 1969; Sewell, et al., 1970; Hauser, 1971; Gordon, 1972). Clear links were demonstrated between educational and occupational origins (as indicated by fathers’ achievements) and adolescents’ aspirations. Parental encouragement and school performance largely mediated these effects (Kerckhoff, 1974; Hauser, 1971; Duncan, et al., 1972: Alexander, et al., 1975; Wilson and Portes, 1975).

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Title of host publicationGenerating Social Stratification
Subtitle of host publicationToward a New Research Agenda
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2018


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