Sequence analysis of a processed gene coding for mouse ribosomal protein L32

Colleen M. Jacks, Chris Bruels Powaser, Perry B. Hackett

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The nucleotide sequence of a mouse ribosomal protein gene, identified by hybridization with the gene encoding the Drosophila ribosomal (r-) protein 49, was determined by cloning in the phage M 13 and dideoxy sequencing. The mouse gene, L32' is a member of the multigene family encoding mammalian r-protein L32. L32 ' is a processed gene that could encode a 135 amino acid protein similar to that of mouse L32 and Drosophila r-protein 49.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)565-570
Number of pages6
Issue number2
StatePublished - Dec 30 1988

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Funding Information:
We are gratefult o Dr. Pam Mulligan for the phage3 ,c loneo f theL 32’ gene,D r. H. Ginzberga nd the University of Minnesota Molecular Biology ComputingF acility for assistancew ith the Intelli-geneticsp rogramsa ndd ataa nalysisD, rs. J. Larkin, R. Petersena nd C. Hensel for useful discussions and readingt he manuscriptK, ris Kohn for the artwork andT ina Lorstmgf or helpw itht hem anuscript. This research was supported by grant DMB-8405225fr om the National ScienceF oundation.


  • Drosophila
  • M 13 phage
  • Recombinant DNA
  • evolutionary conservation
  • exon
  • intron
  • restriction mapping


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