SEMG based real-time embedded force control strategy for a prosthetic hand prototype

Chandrasekhar Potluri, Yimesker Yihun, Parmod Kumar, Jeff Molitor, Steve C. Chiu, D. Subbaram Naidu, S. Hossein Mousavinezhad

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This paper presents a real-time force control strategy for a prosthetic hand. The proposed design is capable of decoding the prerecorded surface electromyographic (sEMG) signal as well as the sensory force feedback from the sensors to control the force of the prosthetic hand prototype. The input sEMG signal is preprocessed using a Half-Gaussian filter with optimized parameters and Chebyshev type II filter. Entropy of the sEMG signal is used as a threshold value to establish the correlation between the sEMG signal and the skeletal muscle force. A simple proportional integral controller along with a two-stage embedded design is used for the force control of the prosthetic hand. The results are transmitted to the computer through the universal asynchronous receiver/ transmitter (UART)interface of the proposed embedded design. The results demonstrate good performance in controlling the force of the prosthetic hand.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number5978585
JournalIEEE International Conference on Electro Information Technology
StatePublished - Nov 7 2011
Event2011 IEEE International Conference on Electro/Information Technology, EIT 2011 - Mankato, MN, United States
Duration: May 15 2011May 17 2011


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