Scintillating Bubble Chambers for Rare Event Searches †

Ernesto Alfonso-Pita, Edward Behnke, Matthew Bressler, Benjamin Broerman, Kenneth Clark, Jonathan Corbett, C. Eric Dahl, Koby Dering, Austin de St. Croix, Daniel Durnford, Pietro Giampa, Jeter Hall, Orin Harris, Hector Hawley-Herrera, Christopher M. Jackson, Youngtak Ko, Noah Lamb, Mathieu Laurin, Ilan Levine, W. Hugh LippincottXingxin Liu, Russell Neilson, Marie Cécile Piro, Shashank Priya, Daniel Pyda, Zhiheng Sheng, Gary Sweeney, Eric Vázquez-Jáuregui, Shawn Westerdale, Thomas J. Whitis, Alexander Wright, Wei Zha, Ryan Zhang

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The Scintillating Bubble Chamber (SBC) collaboration is developing liquid-noble bubble chambers for the detection of sub-keV nuclear recoils. These detectors benefit from the electron recoil rejection inherent in moderately-superheated bubble chambers with the addition of energy reconstruction provided from the scintillation signal. The ability to measure low-energy nuclear recoils allows the search for GeV-scale dark matter and the measurement of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering on argon from MeV-scale reactor antineutrinos. The first physics-scale detector, SBC-LAr10, is in the commissioning phase at Fermilab, where extensive engineering and calibration studies will be performed. In parallel, a functionally identical low-background version, SBC-SNOLAB, is being built for a dark matter search underground at SNOLAB. SBC-SNOLAB, with a 10 kg-yr exposure, will have sensitivity to a dark matter–nucleon cross section of (Formula presented.) cm (Formula presented.) at 1 GeV/ (Formula presented.) dark matter mass, and future detectors could reach the boundary of the argon neutrino fog with a tonne-yr exposure. In addition, the deployment of an SBC detector at a nuclear reactor could enable neutrino physics investigations including measurements of the weak mixing angle and searches for sterile neutrinos, the neutrino magnetic moment, and the light Z’ gauge boson.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number346
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 2023
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  • bubble chambers
  • dark matter
  • liquid argon
  • metastable fluids
  • neutrinos


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