Scaling in lattice QCD: Glueball masses and string tension

P. Bacilieri, L. Fonti, E. Remiddi, M. Bernaschi, S. Cabasino, N. Cabibbo, L. A. Fernandez, E. Marinari, P. Paolucci, G. Parisi, G. Salina, G. Fiorentini, S. Galeotti, M. P. Lombardo, D. Passuello, R. Tripiccione, P. Marchesini, F. Marzano, F. Rapuano, R. Rusack

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We study the scaling behaviour of lattice quantum chromodynamics by comparing the β dependence of the string tension and the 0++ glueball mass. We use a source method at β=5.7, β=5.9 and β=6.1, on lattices from 93· 24 to 163· 32. Assuming a string tension of about (420 MeV)2, the lattice spacing ranges from 0.16 to 0.08 fm. In order to separate finite volume from scaling violation effects we have compared data from lattices having approximately the same overall physical size at the different values of β. We find deviations from scaling to be very small.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)535-539
Number of pages5
JournalPhysics Letters B
Issue number4
StatePublished - May 5 1988

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Also at Universith di Bologna, 1-40126 Bologna, Italy. 2 MEC (Spain) fellow. 3 On leave from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, E-28040 Madrid, Spain. 4 Partially supported by CAICYT (AE86-0029). 5 INFN-Digital Equipment Corporation fellow. 6 Also at Universith di Cagliari, 1-09100 Cagliari, Italy.

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