Rights and wrongs of children's work

Michael Bourdillon, Deborah Levison, William Myers, Ben White

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    Rights and Wrongs of Children's Work, a groundbreaking book authored by an interdisciplinary team of experts, incorporates recent theoretical advances and experiences to explore the place of labor in children's lives and development. It condemns the exploitation and abuse of child workers and supports the right of all children to the best quality, free education that society can afford. At the same time, the authors recognize the value, and sometimes the necessity, of work in growing up, and the reality that a "workless" childhood, without responsibilities, is not good preparation for adult life in any environment.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    PublisherRutgers University Press
    Number of pages284
    ISBN (Print)9780813548883
    StatePublished - 2010


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