Revealing Site Occupancy in a Complex Oxide: Terbium Iron Garnet

Ethan Rosenberg, Jackson Bauer, Eunsoo Cho, Abinash Kumar, Jonathan Pelliciari, Connor A. Occhialini, Shuai Ning, Allison Kaczmarek, Richard Rosenberg, John W. Freeland, Yu Chia Chen, Jian Ping Wang, James LeBeau, Riccardo Comin, F. M.F. de Groot, Caroline A. Ross

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Complex oxide films stabilized by epitaxial growth can exhibit large populations of point defects which have important effects on their properties. The site occupancy of pulsed laser-deposited epitaxial terbium iron garnet (TbIG) films with excess terbium (Tb) is analyzed, in which the terbium:iron (Tb:Fe)ratio is 0.86 compared to the stoichiometric value of 0.6. The magnetic properties of the TbIG are sensitive to site occupancy, exhibiting a higher compensation temperature (by 90 K) and a lower Curie temperature (by 40 K) than the bulk Tb3Fe5O12 garnet. Data derived from X-ray core-level spectroscopy, magnetometry, and molecular field coefficient modeling are consistent with occupancy of the dodecahedral sites by Tb3+, the octahedral sites by Fe3+, Tb3+ and vacancies, and the tetrahedral sites by Fe3+ and vacancies. Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy in a scanning transmission electron microscope provides direct evidence of TbFe antisites. A small fraction of Fe2+ is present, and oxygen vacancies are inferred to be present to maintain charge neutrality. Variation of the site occupancies provides a path to considerable manipulation of the magnetic properties of epitaxial iron garnet films and other complex oxides, which readily accommodate stoichiometries not found in their bulk counterparts.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number2300824
Issue number30
StatePublished - Jul 26 2023

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  • complex oxides
  • defect engineering
  • epitaxial stabilization
  • garnets
  • magnetic thin films

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