Reproducible, interactive, scalable and extensible microbiome data science using QIIME 2

Evan Bolyen, Jai Ram Rideout, Matthew R. Dillon, Nicholas A. Bokulich, Christian C. Abnet, Gabriel A. Al-Ghalith, Harriet Alexander, Eric J. Alm, Manimozhiyan Arumugam, Francesco Asnicar, Yang Bai, Jordan E. Bisanz, Kyle Bittinger, Asker Brejnrod, Colin J. Brislawn, C. Titus Brown, Benjamin J. Callahan, Andrés Mauricio Caraballo-Rodríguez, John Chase, Emily K. CopeRicardo Da Silva, Christian Diener, Pieter C. Dorrestein, Gavin M. Douglas, Daniel M. Durall, Claire Duvallet, Christian F. Edwardson, Madeleine Ernst, Mehrbod Estaki, Jennifer Fouquier, Julia M. Gauglitz, Sean M. Gibbons, Deanna L. Gibson, Antonio Gonzalez, Kestrel Gorlick, Jiarong Guo, Benjamin Hillmann, Susan Holmes, Hannes Holste, Curtis Huttenhower, Gavin A. Huttley, Stefan Janssen, Alan K. Jarmusch, Lingjing Jiang, Benjamin D. Kaehler, Kyo Bin Kang, Christopher R. Keefe, Paul Keim, Scott T. Kelley, Dan Knights, Irina Koester, Tomasz Kosciolek, Jorden Kreps, Morgan G.I. Langille, Joslynn Lee, Ruth Ley, Yong Xin Liu, Erikka Loftfield, Catherine Lozupone, Massoud Maher, Clarisse Marotz, Bryan D. Martin, Daniel McDonald, Lauren J. McIver, Alexey V. Melnik, Jessica L. Metcalf, Sydney C. Morgan, Jamie T. Morton, Ahmad Turan Naimey, Jose A. Navas-Molina, Louis Felix Nothias, Stephanie B. Orchanian, Talima Pearson, Samuel L. Peoples, Daniel Petras, Mary Lai Preuss, Elmar Pruesse, Lasse Buur Rasmussen, Adam Rivers, Michael S. Robeson, Patrick Rosenthal, Nicola Segata, Michael Shaffer, Arron Shiffer, Rashmi Sinha, Se Jin Song, John R. Spear, Austin D. Swafford, Luke R. Thompson, Pedro J. Torres, Pauline Trinh, Anupriya Tripathi, Peter J. Turnbaugh, Sabah Ul-Hasan, Justin J.J. van der Hooft, Fernando Vargas, Yoshiki Vázquez-Baeza, Emily Vogtmann, Max von Hippel, William Walters, Yunhu Wan, Mingxun Wang, Jonathan Warren, Kyle C. Weber, Charles H.D. Williamson, Amy D. Willis, Zhenjiang Zech Xu, Jesse R. Zaneveld, Yilong Zhang, Qiyun Zhu, Rob Knight, J. Gregory Caporaso

Research output: Contribution to journalLetterpeer-review

9738 Scopus citations
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)852-857
Number of pages6
JournalNature biotechnology
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 1 2019

Bibliographical note

Funding Information:
QIIME 2 development was primarily funded by NSF Awards 1565100 to J.G.C. and 1565057 to R.K. Partial support was also provided by the following: grants NIH U54CA143925 (J.G.C. and T.P.) and U54MD012388 (J.G.C. and T.P.); grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (J.G.C. and R.K.); ERCSTG project MetaPG (N.S.); the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences QYZDB-SSW-SMC021 (Y.B.); the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council APP1085372 (G.A.H., J.G.C., Von Bing Yap and R.K.); the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) to D.L.G.; and the State of Arizona Technology and Research Initiative Fund (TRIF), administered by the Arizona Board of Regents, through Northern Arizona University. All NCI coauthors were supported by the Intramural Research Program of the National Cancer Institute. S.M.G. and C. Diener were supported by the Washington Research Foundation Distinguished Investigator Award. Thanks to the Yellowstone Center for Resources for research permit no. 5664 to J.R.S. for Yellowstone access and sample collection. We thank P. J. McMurdie for helpful discussion on the relationships between QIIME 2 and phyloseq. We would like to thank the users of QIIME 1 and 2, whose invaluable feedback has shaped QIIME 2. In particular, we would like to thank A. Abdelfattah (Stockholm University, Sweden), R. C. T. Boutin (University of British Columbia, Canada), D. J. Bradshaw II (Florida Atlantic University Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, USA), L. Bullington (MPG Ranch, USA), J. W. Debelius (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden), C. Duvallet (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), E. Korzune Ganda (Cornell University, USA), A. Mahnert (Medical University of Graz, Austria), M. C. Melendrez (St. Cloud State University, USA), D. O’Rourke (University of New Hampshire, USA), A. R. Rivers (USDA ARS, USA), B. Sen (Tianjin University, China), S. Tangedal (Haukeland University Hospital and University of Bergen, Norway), P. J. Torres (San Diego State University, USA) and J. Warren (National Laboratory Service, UK) for writing end-user reviews included in the Supplementary Methods.

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