Renal Function and Death in Older Women: Which eGFR Formula Should We Use?

Muna T. Canales, Terri Blackwell, Areef Ishani, Brent C. Taylor, Allyson Hart, Rebecca J. Beyth, Kristine E. Ensrud

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Background. The Berlin Initiative Study (BIS) eGFR equations were developed specifically for aged populations, but their predictive validity compared to standard formulae is unknown in older women. Methods. In a prospective study of 1289 community-dwelling older women (mean age 79.5 years), we compared the performance of the BIS1 SCr-based equation to the CKD-EPIcr and the BIS2 SCr- A nd Scysc-based equation to the CKD-EPIcr,cysc to predict cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. Results. Prevalence of specific eGFR category (i.e., ≥75, 60-74, 45-59, and <45) according to eGFR equation was 12.3%, 38.4%, 37.3%, and 12.0% for BIS1; 48.3%, 27.8%, 16.2%, and 7.8% for CKD-EPIcr; 14.1%, 38.6%, 37.6%, and 9.6% for BIS2; and 33.5%, 33.4%, 22.0%, and 11.1% for CKD-EPIcr,cysc, respectively. Over 9±4 years, 667 (51.8%) women died. For each equation, women with eGFR <45 were at increased risk of mortality compared to eGFR ≥75 [adjusted HR (95% CI): BIS1, 1.5 (1.1-2.0); CKD-EPIcr, 1.7 (1.3-2.2); BIS2, 2.0 (1.4-2.8); CKD-EPIcr,cysc, 1.8 (1.4-2.3); p-trend <0.01]. Net reclassification analyses found no material difference in discriminant ability between the BIS and CKD-EPI equations. Results were similar for cardiovascular death. Conclusions. Compared to CKD-EPI, BIS equations identified a greater proportion of older women as having CKD but performed similarly to predict mortality risk. Thus, the BIS equations should not replace CKD-EPI equations to predict risk of death in older women.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number8216878
JournalInternational Journal of Nephrology
StatePublished - 2017

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