Renal Denervation and Celiac Ganglionectomy Decrease Mean Arterial Pressure Similarly in Genetically Hypertensive Schlager (BPH/2J) Mice

Ninitha Margret Julfiya Asirvatham Jeyaraj, Madeline M. Gauthier, Christopher T Banek, Abhismitha Ramesh, Hannah Garver, Gregory D. Fink, John W. Osborn

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Renal denervation (RDNX) lowers mean arterial pressure (MAP) in patients with resistant hypertension. Less well studied is the effect of celiac ganglionectomy (CGX), a procedure which involves the removal of the nerves innervating the splanchnic vascular bed. We hypothesized that RDNX and CGX would both lower MAP in genetically hypertensive Schlager (BPH/2J) mice through a reduction in sympathetic tone. Telemeters were implanted into the femoral artery in mice to monitor MAP before and after RDNX (n=5), CGX (n=6), or SHAM (n=6). MAP, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and heart rate were recorded for 14 days postoperatively. The MAP response to hexamethonium (10 mg/kg, IP) was measured on control day 3 and postoperative day 10 as a measure of global neurogenic pressor activity. The efficacy of denervation was assessed by measurement of tissue norepinephrine. Control MAP was similar among the 3 groups before surgical treatments (≈130 mm Hg). On postoperative day 14, MAP was significantly lower in RDNX (-11±2 mm Hg) and CGX (-11±1 mm Hg) groups compared with their predenervation values. This was not the case in SHAM mice (-5±3 mm Hg). The depressor response to hexamethonium in the RDNX group was significantly smaller on postoperative day 10 (-10±5 mm Hg) compared with baseline control (-25±10 mm Hg). This was not the case in mice in the SHAM (day 10;-28±5 mm Hg) or CGX (day 10;-34±7 mm Hg) group. In conclusion, both renal and splanchnic nerves contribute to hypertension in BPH/2J mice, but likely through different mechanisms.

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StatePublished - Feb 1 2021

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