Relationship between nuclear pockets in bovine peripheral blood lymphocytes and c-type virus particles in cultures of these cells

A. Weber, M. Fahning, R. H. Hammer, C. Jessen

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Quantitative hematologic and ultrastructural investigations of freshly drawn and 72-hour cultured blood lymphocytes were made on 50 clinically normal adult Holstein-Freisian bulls to examine the relationship between lymphocyte nuclear pockets (LNP’s) and the presence of C-type virus particles. Average peripheral LNP values for the 50 bulls were 0.75±0.12 (se). Statistical evaluation of the LNP- virus relationship for 10 high-LNP and 10 low-LNP animals showed a probability of <0.001 that these 2 groups represented 1 population. Analysis of this relationship for individual animals in the pooled sample indicated a correlation of 0.565. The probability that the pooled sample came from a population in which the actual coefficient of correlation was zero (0.000) was 0.009. These results suggest that lymphocyte populations with increased LNP incidences can produce C-type virus particles.—J Natl Cancer Inst 51: 81-88, 1973.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)81-88
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of the National Cancer Institute
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jul 1973

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We used 50 clinically normal Holstein-Friesian bulls from I to 12 years old (table I). This herd had I leukemia case in the past 4 years and thus was neither a leukemiafree nor a multiple-case herd. All bulls were under frequent clinical surveillance. Initial blood samplings were taken from each animal for hematologic determinations, especially absolute lymphocyte 1 Received August 16, 1971; revised February 21,1973; accepted March 7, 1973. 2 Supported by Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station grant 2628H, Atomic Energy Commission grant AT911-1-9IO, and Public Health Service grant I-F03CA52396 from the National Cancer Institute. 3 Approved for publication as Scientific Journal Series Paper #7715, Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. 4 Department of Veterinary Anatomy. 5 International Cryobiological Services, Inc. 6 Department of Veterinary Surgery and


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