Reconstructing phylogeny with and without temporal data

David L. Fox, Daniel C. Fisher, Lindsey R. Leighton

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Conventional cladistic methods of inferring evolutionary relationships exclude temporal data from the initial search for optimal hypotheses, but stratocladistics includes such data. A comparison of the ability of these methods to recover known, simulated evolutionary histories given the same, evolved character data shows that stratocladistics recovers the true phylogeny in over twice as many cases as cladistics (42 versus 18 percent). The comparison involved 550 unique taxon-by-character matrices, representing 15 evolutionary models and fossil records ranging from 100 to 10 percent complete.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1816-1819
Number of pages4
Issue number5421
StatePublished - Jun 11 1999


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