Recent results from AMANDA

E. Andrés, P. Askebjer, X. Bai, G. Barouch, S. W. Barwick, R. C. Bay, K. H. Becker, L. Bergström, D. Bertrand, D. Bierenbaum, A. Biron, J. Booth, O. Botner, A. Bouchta, M. M. Boyce, S. Carius, A. Chen, D. Chirkin, J. Conrad, J. CooleyC. G S Costa, D. F. Cowen, J. Dailing, E. Dalberg, T. De Young, P. Desiati, J. P. Dewulf, P. Doksus, J. Edsjö, P. Ekström, B. Erlandsson, T. Feser, M. Gaug, A. Goldschmidt, A. Goobar, L. Gray, H. Haase, A. Hallgren, F. Halzen, K. Hanson, R. Hardtke, Y. D. He, M. Hellwig, H. Heukenkamp, G. C. Hill, P. O. Hulth, S. Hundertmark, J. Jacobsen, V. Kandhadai, A. Karle, J. Kim, B. Koci, L. Köpke, M. Kowalski, H. Leich, M. Leuthold, P. Lindahl, I. Liubarsky, P. Loaiza, D. M. Lowder, J. Ludvig, J. Madsen, P. Marciniewski, H. S. Matis, A. Mihalyi, T. Mikolajski, T. C. Miller, Y. Minaeva, P. Miočinović, P. C. Mock, R. Morse, T. Neunhöffer, F. M. Newcomer, P. Niessen, D. R. Nygren, H. Ogelman, C. Pérez De Los Heros, R. Porrata, P. B. Price, K. Rawlins, C. Reed, W. Rhode, A. Richards, S. Richter, J. Rodríguez Martino, P. Romenesko, D. Ross, H. Rubinstein, H. G. Sander, T. Scheider, T. Schmidt, D. Schneider, E. Schneider, R. Schwarz, A. Silvestri, M. Solarz, G. M. Spiczak, C. Spiering, N. Starinsky, D. Steele, P. Steffen, R. G. Stokstad, O. Streicher, Q. Sun, I. Taboada, L. Thollander, T. Thon, S. Tilav, N. Usechak, M. Vander Donckt, C. Walck, C. Weinheimer, C. H. Wiebusch, R. Wischnewski, H. Wissing, K. Woschnagg, W. Wu, G. Yodh, S. Young

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We present results based on data taken in 1997 with the 302-PMT Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array-B10 ("AMANDA-B10") array. Atmospheric neutrinos created in the northern hemisphere are observed indirectly through their charged current interactions which produce relativistic, Cherenkov-light-emitting upgoing muons in the South Pole ice cap. The reconstructed angular distribution of these events is in good agreement with expectation and demonstrates the viability of this ice-based device as a neutrino telescope.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1013-1015
Number of pages3
JournalInternational Journal of Modern Physics A
Issue numberSUPPL. 1C
StatePublished - 2001

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Funding Information:
This research was supported by the U.S. NSF office of Polar Programs and Physics Division, the U. of Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, the U.S. DoE, the Swedish Natural Science Research Council, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Sweden, the German Ministry for Education and Research, the US National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (supported by the U.S. DoE), U.C.-Irvine AENEAS Supercomputer Facility, and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). C.P.H. received support from the EU 4th framework of Training and Mobility of Researchers, contract ERBFM-BICT91551 and D.F.C. acknowledges the support of the NSF CAREER program. P. Loaiza was supported by a grant from the Swedish STINT program. P. Desiati was supported by the Koerber Foundation (Germany).


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