Quantum Field Theory II

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This textbook grew out of lecture notes the author used in delivering a quantum field theory (QFT) course for students (both in high energy physics and condensed matter) who already had an initial exposure to the subject. It begins with the path integral method of quantization presented in a systematic and clear-cut manner. Perturbation theory is generalized beyond tree level, to include radiative corrections (loops). Renormalization procedures and the Wilsonian renormalization group (RG flow) are discussed, asymptotic freedom of non-Abelian gauge theories is derived, and some applications in Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) are considered, with a brief digression into the Standard Model (SM). The SM case requires a study of the spontaneous breaking of gauge symmetry, a phenomenon which would be more appropriate to call “Higgsing of the gauge bosons.” Other regimes attainable in gauge theories are explained as well. In the condensed matter part, the Heisenberg and Ising model are discussed. The present textbook differs from many others in that it is relatively concise and, at the same time, teaches students to carry out actual calculations which they may encounter in QFT-related applications.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2019

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