Quality of life after pharmacomechanical catheter-directed thrombolysis for proximal deep venous thrombosis

ATTRACT Trial Investigators

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Background: After deep venous thrombosis (DVT), many patients have impaired quality of life (QOL). We aimed to assess whether pharmacomechanical catheter-directed thrombolysis (PCDT) improves short-term or long-term QOL in patients with proximal DVT and whether QOL is related to extent of DVT. Methods: The Acute Venous Thrombosis: Thrombus Removal with Adjunctive Catheter-Directed Thrombolysis (ATTRACT) trial was an assessor-blinded randomized trial that compared PCDT with no PCDT in patients with DVT of the femoral, common femoral, or iliac veins. QOL was assessed at baseline and 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months using the Venous Insufficiency Epidemiological and Economic Study on Quality of Life/Symptoms (VEINES-QOL/Sym) disease-specific QOL measure and the 36-Item Short Form Health Survey (SF-36) physical component summary (PCS) and mental component summary general QOL measures. Change in QOL scores from baseline to assessment time were compared in the PCDT and no PCDT treatment groups overall and in the iliofemoral DVT and femoral-popliteal DVT subgroups. Results: Of 692 ATTRACT patients, 691 were analyzed (mean age, 53 years; 62% male; 57% iliofemoral DVT). VEINES-QOL change scores were greater (ie, better) in PCDT vs no PCDT from baseline to 1 month (difference, 5.7; P = .0006) and from baseline to 6 months (5.1; P = .0029) but not for other intervals. SF-36 PCS change scores were greater in PCDT vs no PCDT from baseline to 1 month (difference, 2.4; P = .01) but not for other intervals. Among iliofemoral DVT patients, VEINES-QOL change scores from baseline to all assessments were greater in the PCDT vs no PCDT group; this was statistically significant in the intention-to-treat analysis at 1 month (difference, 10.0; P < .0001) and 6 months (8.8; P < .0001) and in the per-protocol analysis at 18 months (difference, 5.8; P = .0086) and 24 months (difference, 6.6; P = .0067). SF-36 PCS change scores were greater in PCDT vs no PCDT from baseline to 1 month (difference, 3.2; P = .0010) but not for other intervals. In contrast, in femoral-popliteal DVT patients, change scores from baseline to all assessments were similar in the PCDT and no PCDT groups. Conclusions: Among patients with proximal DVT, PCDT leads to greater improvement in disease-specific QOL than no PCDT at 1 month and 6 months but not later. In patients with iliofemoral DVT, PCDT led to greater improvement in disease-specific QOL during 24 months.

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Pages (from-to)8-23.e18
JournalJournal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2020

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Funding Information:
The ATTRACT trial was supported by grants from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) for the clinical coordinating center (U01-HL088476 to Washington University in St. Louis) and data coordinating center (U01-HL088118 to McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario); the Washington University Center for Translational Therapies in Thrombosis, which is supported by a grant from the NHLBI (U54-HL112303); the Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences, which is supported by a grant from the National Center for the Advancement of Translational Sciences (UL1-TR00044810); Boston Scientific; Covidien (now Medtronic); Genentech; the Society of Interventional Radiology Foundation; the Canada Research Chairs Program (Tier 1 support to S.R.K.); the CanVECTOR Network (funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research CDT-142654 to S.R.K.); the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (Investigator Award to C.K.); and a Jack Hirsh Professorship in Thrombosis (to C.K.). BSN Medical donated the compression stockings.Author conflict of interest: S.R.K.: advisory board fees from BMS Pfizer, Sanofi, and Aspen. D.J.C.: grant support from Abbott Vascular and Boston Scientific; consulting fees, Cardinal Health; grant support and consulting fees, Medtronic. A.J.C.: consulting fees from Medtronic. S.Z.G.: grant support from BiO2 Medical; grant support and consulting fees, Boehringer Ingelheim, BMS, Daiichi Sankyo, Janssen, Portola, Bayer, and BTG/Ekos. M.R.J.: holds equity in Embolitech and Venarum; uncompensated advisor, Boston Scientific, Cordis Corporation, and Medtronic; consultant, Volcano/Philips. M.K.R.: consulting fees from Abbott, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Veniti, and Volcano/Philips. R.C.: speaker, Boston Scientific; medical advisory board, Abbott. A.K.S.: unrestricted research grant to NYU, Penumbra, Inc; unpaid scientific advisory board member, Thrombolex. R.B.M.: Data and Safety Monitoring Board member for clinical trial, Veniti. J.A.K.: medical advisory board, Argon Medical; consultant, Novate; medical advisory board and ownership interest, BiO2 Medical; ownership interest, Veniti; consultant, Cook Medical. B.C.W.: Amirsys-Elsevier for work performed on STATdx, RADPrimer, and the textbook Diagnostic Imaging: Interventional Procedures, 2nd ed. M.B.: honoraria from Janssen Pharmaceuticals. S.V.: grant support from Cook Medical.The study's development and conduct were supported by the Society of Interventional Radiology Foundation. Dr Kahn is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair holder and is an investigator of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research-funded CanVECTOR Network. Dr Kearon is supported by an Investigator Award from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and the Jack Hirsh Professorship in Thromboembolism. The authors wish to thank the entire network of investigators and study staff at the coordinating centers, core laboratories, and clinical centers (Appendix B, online only). The editors and reviewers of this article have no relevant financial relationships to disclose per the Journal policy that requires reviewers to decline review of any manuscript for which they may have a conflict of interest.

Funding Information:
Conception and design: SK, JJ, CK, DC, EM, AC, SG, MJ, MR, SV Analysis and interpretation: SK, JJ, CK, CSG, AK, SV Data collection: AC, MR, JS, PK, RC, AS, RM, JK, BW, MB, SV Writing the article: SK, JJ, CK, CSG, SV Critical revision of the article: SK, JJ, CK, CSG, DC, EM, AC, SG, MJ, MR, AK, JS, PK, RC, AS, RM, JK, BW, MB, SV Final approval of the article: SK, JJ, CK, CSG, DC, EM, AC, SG, MJ, MR, AK, JS, PK, RC, AS, RM, JK, BW, MB, SV Statistical analysis: JJ, CSG Obtained funding: SK, JJ, CK, DC, EM, AC, SG, MJ, MR, SV Overall responsibility: SK The study's development and conduct were supported by the Society of Interventional Radiology Foundation . Dr Kahn is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair holder and is an investigator of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research-funded CanVECTOR Network . Dr Kearon is supported by an Investigator Award from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and the Jack Hirsh Professorship in Thromboembolism . The authors wish to thank the entire network of investigators and study staff at the coordinating centers, core laboratories, and clinical centers ( Appendix B , online only). Appendix A (online only)

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  • Catheter-directed thrombolysis
  • Deep venous thrombosis
  • Femoral-popliteal DVT
  • Iliofemoral DVT
  • Proximal DVT
  • Quality of life
  • Randomized trial

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