Quality control of subgrade soil using intelligent compaction

Manik Barman, Moeen Nazari, Syed Asif Imran, Sesh Commuri, Musharraf Zaman, Fares Beainy, Dharamveer Singh

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Intelligent Compaction (IC) of subgrade soil has been proposed to continuously monitor the stiffness of subgrade during its compaction. Modern IC rollers are vibratory compactors equipped with (1) an onboard measuring system capable of estimating the stiffness of the pavement material being compacted, (2) Global Positioning System (GPS) sensor to precisely locate the roller, and (3) an integrated mapping and reporting system. Using IC, the roller operator is able to evaluate the entire subgrade and address deficiencies encountered during compaction. Continuous monitoring of quality during construction can help build better quality and long-lasting pavements. However, most of the commercially available IC rollers report stiffness in terms of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specified indicator, known as Intelligent Compaction Measurement Value (ICMV). Although useful, additional tests are required to establish the correlation between these ICMV values and the resilient modulus of subgrade (Mr). Since the mechanistic design of the pavement is performed using Mr, it is important to know if the design Mr is achieved on the entire subgrade during compaction. This paper presents a systematic procedure for monitoring the level of compaction of subgrade in real time using intelligent compaction (IC). Specifically, the Intelligent Compaction Analyzer (ICA) developed at the University of Oklahoma was used for estimating the modulus of the subgrade. Results from two demonstration studies show that the ICA is able to estimate subgrade modulus with an accuracy that is acceptable for quality control activities during the construction of pavements.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number23
JournalInnovative Infrastructure Solutions
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 1 2016
Externally publishedYes

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Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank the Oklahoma Transportation Center (OkTC) and Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE), Shippensburg, PA for providing financial support for this study. The authors also acknowledge the contribution of Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), Haskell Lemon Construction Co., Oklahoma City, OK and Silver Star Construction Company, Moore, OK during the field investigation.

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  • Falling weight deflectometer, FWD
  • Intelligent Compaction
  • Quality control
  • Resilient modulus
  • Subgrade


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