Production of ϒ(1S) mesons from χb decays in p¯p collisions at √s=1.8TeV

T. Affolder, H. Akimoto, A. Akopian, M. G. Albrow, P. Amaral, S. R. Amendolia, D. Amidei, J. Antos, G. Apollinari, T. Arisawa, T. Asakawa, W. Ashmanskas, M. Atac, F. Azfar, Azzi P. Bacchetta, N. Bacchetta, M. W. Bailey, S. Bailey, P. De Barbaro, Barbaro A. GaltieriV. E. Barnes, B. A. Barnett, M. Barone, G. Bauer, F. Bedeschi, S. Belforte, G. Bellettini, J. Bellinger, D. Benjamin, J. Bensinger, A. Beretvas, J. P. Berge, J. Berryhill, S. Bertolucci, B. Bevensee, A. Bhatti, C. Bigongiari, M. Binkley, D. Bisello, R. E. Blair, C. Blocker, K. Bloom, B. Blumenfeld, B. S. Blusk, A. Bocci, A. Bodek, W. Bokhari, G. Bolla, Y. Bonushkin, D. Cronin-Hennessy, CDF Collaboration

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We have reconstructed the radiative decays χb(1P)→ ϒ(1S)ϒ and χb(2p)→ ϒ(1S)ϒ in p¯p collisions at v√s=1.8TeV, and measured the fraction of ϒ(1S) mesons that originate from these decays. For ϒ(1S) mesons with pϒ T>8.0GeV/c, the fractions that come from χb(1P) and χb(2P) decays are [27.1±6.9(stat)±4.4(syst)]% and [10.5±4.4(stat)±1.4(syst)]%, respectively. We have derived the fraction of directly produced ?(1S) mesons to be [50.9±8.2(stat)±9.0(syst)]%.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2094-2099
Number of pages6
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number10
StatePublished - 2000

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