Produce Safety in Organic vs. Conventional Crops

Francisco Diez-Gonzalez, Avik Mukherjee

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationMicrobial Safety of Fresh Produce
Number of pages19
ISBN (Print)9780813804163
StatePublished - Sep 28 2009


  • Codex Alimentarius Commission and set of guidelines
  • Composting - minimizing pathogenic counts in animal wastes
  • Foodborne disease epidemiology linked to organic produce
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables - top-selling organic food category in US
  • Jerome Rodale and principles of "organic" agriculture in US
  • National Organic Standard Board (NOSB)
  • Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA)
  • Preharvest strategies
  • Produce safety in organic vs. conventional crops
  • Safety issues and organic fresh produce

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