Proactive Growth Management: A Bottleneck Approach in Strategic Practice

Grant Lahring, Kanhaiya Sinha, Oleksiy Osiyevskyy

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Today’s market environment puts constant pressure on managers to achieve and maintain continuous business growth in terms of new clients, revenue, market share, or profit. Failing to do so limits the companies’ access to resources, ultimately threatening their survival and long-term prospects. As a result, it has become crucial for managers to continuously identify and successfully relieve strategic bottlenecks. By generalizing the conventional method used in manufacturing for detecting and alleviating strategic constraints to other functional areas of business, we propose a holistic framework intended to help managers identify, prioritize and execute strategic projects that stimulate firm growth by eliminating the internal and external limitations.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)263-275
Number of pages13
JournalRutgers Business Review
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 1 2021

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Grant Lahring is the Head of Growth at Goodlawyer, a fast-growing legal tech startup, and a current MBA Candidate at the University of Calgary ?s Haskayne SchoolofBusiness.Heisinterestedinmarketing,sales,andproductalignmentand howentrepreneurscangrowtheirbusinessesmoreefficiently. email: grant.lahring ? KanhaiyaSinhaisanAssistantProfessorofManagementattheLabovitzSchoolof Business and Economics, University of Minnesota, Duluth. In his scholarship, Kanhaiya concentrates on studying entrepreneurship and innovation practices, governance of innovation, human capital issues related to new ventures, and entrepreneurialfinance.HeholdsaPh.D.fromtheUniversityofCalgary(Canada), and anMBA(Finance)fromMcGill University.Apartfromscholarship,Kanhaiya has over ? ? years of business experience in steel and mines, oil and gas, business processoutsourcing,andeducationsectorsspreadoverfourcountriesinAsiaand North America. He worked in functional areas as diverse as operation management,strategy,humancapital,andnewproductdevelopment.Inaddition, heisaserialentrepreneur;hisprojectsincludeeducationandhealthcarestartups. email: sinhak ? OleksiyOsiyevskyyisanAssociateProfessorofEntrepreneurship&Innovationat theHaskayneSchoolofBusiness,UniversityofCalgary,wherehealsoservesasthe MBA program director. Oleksiy leads the Global Business Futures Initiative, an emerging thought leadership center aimed at preparing established businesses to thriveondisruptionintheglobalmarketplace.Inhisscholarship,supportedbythe Future Fund Fellowship, he concentrates on the problem of achieving and sustaining firm growth and prosperous longevity through successful engagement in entrepreneurial strategies. Oleksiy founded his first Internet startup back in ? ? ? ?, during his undergraduate studies. Since that time, he has been actively engaged in real-world business practice across the globe as an entrepreneur, managerwithinlargecompanies,consultantandeducator.Oleksiyhasmentored, co-founded, invested in, and served on the boards of numerous startups within a broad range of industries (education, food, medical devices, transportation, e-commerce, among others), and engaged in strategic innovation projects within largeorganizations. email: oosiyevs ? The authors would like to acknowledge the support of Mr. Binod Srivastava, AssociateVicePresidentatBALCO,indevelopingtheBALCOcase.

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