Petrogenesis of lawsonite and epidote eclogite and blueschist, Sivrihisar Massif, Turkey

P. B. Davis, D. L. Whitney

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The Sivrihisar Massif, Turkey, is comprised of blueschist and eclogite facies metasedimentary and metabasaltic rocks. Abundant metre- to centimetre-scale eclogite pods occur in blueschist facies metabasalt, marble and quartz-rich rocks. Sivrihisar eclogite contains omphacite + garnet + phengite + rutile ± glaucophane ± quartz + lawsonite and/or epidote. Blueschists contain sodic amphibole + garnet + phengite + lawsonite and/or epidote ± omphacite ± quartz. Sivrihisar eclogite and blueschist have similar bulk composition, equivalent to NMORB, but record different P-T conditions: ∼26 kbar, 500 °C (lawsonite eclogite); 18 kbar, 600 °C (epidote eclogite); 12 kbar, 380 °C (lawsonite blueschist); and 15-16 kbar, 480-500 °C (lawsonite-epidote blueschist). Pressures for the Sivrihisar lawsonite eclogite are among the highest reported for this rock type, which is rarely exposed at the Earth's surface. The distribution and textures of lawsonite ± epidote define P-T conditions and paths. For example, in some lawsonite-bearing rocks, epidote inclusions in garnet and partial replacement of matrix epidote by lawsonite suggest an anticlockwise P-T path. Other rocks contain no epidote as inclusions or as a matrix phase, and were metamorphosed entirely within the lawsonite stability field. Results of the P-T study and mapping of the distribution of blueschists and eclogites in the massif suggest that rocks recording different maximum P-T conditions were tectonically juxtaposed as kilometre-scale slices and associated high- P pods, although all shared the same exhumation path from ∼9-11 kbar, 300-400 °C. Within the tectonic slices, alternating millimetre-centimetre-scale layers of eclogite and blueschist formed together at the same P-T conditions but represent different extents of prograde reaction controlled by strain partitioning or local variations in fO2 or other chemical factors.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)823-849
Number of pages27
JournalJournal of Metamorphic Geology
Issue number9
StatePublished - Dec 2006


  • Blueschist
  • Eclogite
  • Lawsonite
  • Sivrihisar
  • Turkey


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