Petrogenesis of andalusite-kyanite-sillimanite veins and host rocks, Sanandaj-Sirjan metamorphic belt, Hamadan, Iran

A. A. Sepahi, D. L. Whitney, A. A. Baharifar

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Quartz-rich veins in metapelitic schists of the Sanandaj-Sirjan belt, Hamadan region, Iran, commonly contain two Al2SiO5 polymorphs, and, more rarely, three coexisting Al2SiO5 polymorphs. In most andalusite and sillimanite schists, the types of polymorphs in veins correlate with Al2SiO5 polymorph(s) in the host rocks, although vein polymorphs are texturally and compositionally distinct from those in adjacent host rocks; e.g. vein andalusite is enriched in Fe2O3 relative to host rock andalusite. Low-grade rocks contain andalusite + quartz veins, medium-grade rocks contain andalusite + sillimanite + quartz ± plagioclase veins, and high-grade rocks contain sillimanite + quartz + plagioclase veins/leucosomes. Although most andalusite and sillimanite-bearing veins occur in host rocks that also contain Al2SiO5, kyanite-quartz veins crosscut rocks that lack Al2SiO5 (e.g. staurolite schist, granite). A quartz vein containing andalusite + kyanite + sillimanite + staurolite + muscovite occurs in andalusite-sillimanite host rocks. Textural relationships in this vein indicate the crystallization sequence andalusite to kyanite to sillimanite. This crystallization sequence conflicts with the observation that kyanite-quartz veins post-date andalusite-sillimanite veins and at least one intrusive phase of a granite that produced a low-pressure-high-temperature contact aureole; these relationships imply a sequence of andalusite to sillimanite to kyanite. Varying crystallization sequences for rocks in a largely coherent metamorphic belt can be explained by P-T paths of different rocks passing near (slightly above, slightly below) the Al2SiO5 triple point, and by overprinting of multiple metamorphic events in a terrane that evolved from a continental are to a collisional orogen.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)119-134
Number of pages16
JournalJournal of Metamorphic Geology
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2004


  • Andalusite
  • Iran
  • Kyanite
  • Quartz veins
  • Sillimanite


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