J. Edward Anderson, Jack L. Dais, William L. Garrard, Alain L. Kornhauser, J. A. Kieffer, N. D. Lea, D. D. Scrafton, R. B. Adams, G. M. Sturman, B. C. Aldrich, H. G. Leistner, Wallace Russell, S. Camp, R. Oom, J. P. Cunliffe

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Twenty-eight papers were presented at the conference, covering a new concept in fast high volume transport, the use of small, self propelled cars, containing two to six passengers and traveling on their own guideways. For urban transport this design greatly reduces individual ride costs, speeds transport, cuts conjestion, greatly reduces pollution and offers a variety of economic incentives. Following is a list of titles and authors. Success of the Auto Should be a Lesson to Us. By J. A. Kieffer. Programmed Module Urban Transport Systems. By N. D. Lea and D. D. Scrafton. Incremental Evolutionary Development of Personal Rapid Transit. By R. B. Adams and G. M. Sturman. Neighborhood Improvement Associations and Innovations in Urban Transportation Systems. By B. C. Aldrich. Multi-Step Process of Selecting and Acquiring a PRT System. By H. G. Leistner. Architectural and Environmental Studies of the PRT System. By Wallace Russell. ″SPARTAXI″ for Gothenburg. By S. Camp and R. Oom. Morgantown PRT Project. By J. P. Cunliffe. Interaction between Personalized Rapid Transit and Demand Activated Bus Transit. By F. P. D. Navin.

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StatePublished - 1972


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