Pectic polysaccharides from Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis exhibit significant antioxidant effects

Xin Ning, Ying Liu, Mengdi Jia, Qidi Wang, Ziyan Sun, Li Ji, Kevin H. Mayo, Yifa Zhou, Lin Sun

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Two pectic polysaccharides (WRSP-A2b and WRSP-A3a) have been obtained from Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis and comparatively investigated in terms of their physical properties and antioxidant activities. Monosaccharide composition, FT-IR, NMR and enzymatic analyses indicate that both WRSP-A2b (13.6 kDa) and WRSP-A3a (44.6 kDa) consist of homogalacturonan (HG), rhamnogalacturonan I (RG-I) and rhamnogalacturonan II (RG-II) domains, with mass ratios of 0.9:1.8:1 and 2.3:2.9:1, respectively. The RG-I domains were further purified and characterized. Results show that WRSP-A2b contains a highly branched RG-I domain, primarily substituted with α-(1→5)-linked arabinans, whereas WRSP-A3a contains a small branched RG-I domain mainly composed of β-(1→4)-linked galactan side chains. WRSP-A3a exhibits stronger antioxidant activity in scavenging different radicals than WRSP-A2b, a finding that may be due to its higher content of GalA residues and HG domains. Our results provide useful information for screening natural polysaccharide-based antioxidants from Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number117925
JournalCarbohydrate Polymers
StatePublished - Jun 15 2021

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This work was supported by the National Science & Technology Major Project “Key New Drug Creation and Manufacturing Program”, China ( 2019ZX09735001 ), National Natural Science Foundation of China ( 31770852 ), the Scientific and Technologic Foundation of Jilin Province ( 20200201004JC ), and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities ( 2412020ZD001 ).

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  • Antioxidant activities
  • Pectin
  • Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis
  • Structural characterization

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