Patients Doubtfully Capable or Incapable of Consent

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationA Companion to Bioethics
Subtitle of host publicationSecond Edition
Number of pages10
ISBN (Print)9781405163316
StatePublished - Jan 15 2010


  • Concept of autonomy-role in development of bioethics
  • Ethical problems associated with pediatrics
  • Incompetent and marginally competent patients
  • Patients doubtfully capable or incapable of consent
  • Problem of asymmetrical relationships
  • Problem of competent irrationality
  • Problem of meaning and the profoundly damaged child
  • Problems of personal identity and moral imagination
  • Problems surrounding aggressive or life-sustaining medical treatment and incompetent adults
  • Standard models of decision-making capacity and surrogate decision-making

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