Parallel analysis of biomolecules on a microfabricated capillary array chip

Zheng Shen, Xiaojun Liu, Zhicheng Long, Dayu Liu, Nannan Ye, Jianhua Qin, Zhongpeng Dai, Bingcheng Lin

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This paper focused on a self-developed microfluidic array system with microfabricated capillary array electrophoresis (μ-CAE) chip for parallel chip electrophoresis of biomolecules. The microfluidic array layout consists of two common reservoirs coupled to four separation channels connected to sample injection channel on the soda-lime glass substrate. The excitation scheme for distributing a 20 mW laser beam to separation channels in an array is achieved. Under the control of program, the sample injection and separation in multichannel can be achieved through six high-voltage modules' output. A CCD camera was used to monitor electrophoretic separations simultaneously in four channels with LIF detection, and the electropherograms can be plotted directly without reconstruction by additional software. Parallel multichannel electrophoresis of series biomolecules including amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids was performed on this system and the results showed fine reproducibility.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1084-1092
Number of pages9
Issue number5-6
StatePublished - Mar 1 2006


  • Biological analysis
  • Capillary array electrophoresis
  • Microfluidic chip

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    Shen, Z., Liu, X., Long, Z., Liu, D., Ye, N., Qin, J., Dai, Z., & Lin, B. (2006). Parallel analysis of biomolecules on a microfabricated capillary array chip. ELECTROPHORESIS, 27(5-6), 1084-1092.