Outcomes and costs of autologous stem cell mobilization with chemotherapy plus G-CSF vs G-CSF alone

A. D. Sung, D. T. Grima, L. M. Bernard, S. Brown, G. Carrum, L. Holmberg, M. E. Horwitz, J. L. Liesveld, J. Kanda, Brian L McClune, P. Shaughnessy, G. J. Tricot, N. J. Chao

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Chemotherapy plus G-CSF (C+G) and G-CSF alone are two of the most common methods used to mobilize CD34 + cells for autologous hematopoietic SCT (AHSCT). In order to compare and determine the real-world outcomes and costs of these strategies, we performed a retrospective study of 226 consecutive patients at 11 medical centers (64 lymphoma, 162 multiple myeloma), of whom 55% of lymphoma patients and 66% of myeloma patients received C+G. Patients with C+G yielded more CD34 + cells/day than those with G-CSF alone (lymphoma: average 5.51 × 10 6 cells/kg on day 1 vs 2.92 × 10 6 cells/kg, P=0.0231; myeloma: 4.16 × 10 6 vs 3.69 × 10 6 cells/kg, P<0.00001) and required fewer days of apheresis (lymphoma: average 2.11 vs 2.96 days, P=0.012; myeloma: 2.02 vs 2.83 days, P=0.0015), although nearly all patients ultimately reached the goal of 2 × 10 6 cells/kg. With the exception of higher rates of febrile neutropenia in myeloma patients with C+G (17% vs 2%, P<0.05), toxicities and other outcomes were similar. Mobilization with C+G cost significantly more (lymphoma: median $10 300 vs $7300, P<0.0001; myeloma: $8800 vs $5600, P<0.0001), although re-mobilization adds $6700 for drugs alone. Our results suggest that although both C+G and G-CSF alone are effective mobilization strategies, C+G may be more cost-effective for patients at high risk of insufficient mobilization.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1444-1449
Number of pages6
JournalBone marrow transplantation
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 2013

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Dr Sung’s effort was supported by NIH T32 HL007057-37. Dr Holmberg has received research funding from Sanofi/Genzyme, and Dr Shaughnessy has received research funding and honorarium from Sanofi/Genzyme and Millenium.


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