Orthotopic Heart Transplantation in a Child with Single Ventricle after Pneumonectomy

Gamal Marey, Sameh M. Said, Alyssa Sakhitab-Kerestes, Kristy McHugh, Subin Jang, Marie E. Steiner, Massimo Griselli, Rebecca Ameduri

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We report a 6-year-old with single ventricle physiology secondary to tricuspid atresia who had cardiorespiratory failure who was not a candidate for further single ventricle palliation. The patient underwent planned staged left pneumonectomy for recurrent pneumonias secondary to bronchomalacia followed by orthotopic heart transplantation. This aggressive approach improved the patient candidacy for heart transplantation by removing the source of recurrent infection and respiratory failure (left lung).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)E137-E139
JournalASAIO Journal
Issue number8
Early online dateNov 4 2020
StatePublished - Nov 4 2020

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  • orthotopic heart transplantation
  • pneumonectomy
  • single lung
  • single ventricle


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